Mission  Statement

 Shunde Lucas Insdustries is interested  in  its people, its organization, its community, its suppliers and is dedicated to working toward world class manufacturing of nonwoven products , plastic products, beauty products and filter products for the world market.

We will strive everyday to become what we commit to grow our people,  keep our promise, be good neighbours and to be a total quality organization supplying products that exceed our customer demands.



Training Statement

Shunde Lucas Industries is commited to training all staffs in all areas of its operation. We believe that total quality starts with you and ends when the customer is satisfied.

Training and prepareness will help us achieves our goods. Stay focused on our promisses and help each of us be better day by day. Good training lasts forever and is remembered every time we do our job correctly.


Vision Statement

Shunde Lucas Industries vision is to become a healthy working organization by teaching each other correct principles that help us grow as a company. We will strive to wards employee enhancement by offering continuing education classes, increased health benefits and employee development programs

We will also strive towards community enhancement by becoming involved with our neighbours, local businesses and public services while we respecting all those around us.